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Global Day of Prayer

2005-2010 Highlights

Father I Honor You!


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Father I Honor You’ Praise Concert – Vision & Mission Statement

Vision: This is a City Delight movement which follows the Global Day of Prayer movement

Mission statement:

  • Honor our Heavenly Father, Abba, - for his wonderful blessings upon our lives and the city of HK
  • Honor our Spiritual Fathers, Pastors and Leaders, - for investing in and disciplining the spiritual sons and daughters, for honoring the verse in Malachi 4:6a He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents;”
  • Honor our Earthly fathers - for their love, hard work, protection, sacrifice and for who they are. It is our God’s delight when we honor His commandment “Honor thy father and mother.”

Pop Artists from Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong gather to sing, praise and honor our Father in Heaven & our fathers on earth.

Featuring: MC Jin, Sherman Chung, K-Pop artist - Alexander Lee Eusebio, Taiwan artists - Sien (Vanessa) & Shih Yingying, Alfred Cheung & family & many many more!!

Special Sharing: Daniel Lee Chi Wo, 2008 Beijing Olympics Triathlon

Message: Prof. Frederick Ma
Music Directors: Ruth Chen & John Laudon


Kingdom Culture And Power Conference
Coming to Hong Kong in Feb 2011!

During worship, our spirits soared and we were lost in His divine love!
Bill renewed our minds to believe that God would do the impossible when our hearts are in line with him.
We practised healing the sick and hundreds got healed among the audience.

Event Photo (13/2 7pm) *NEW*
Event Photo (14/2 10am) *NEW*
Event Photo (14/2 3pm) *NEW*
Event Photo (14/2 7pm) *NEW*

Kingdom Culture & Power has begun

Today’s 1st session with Beni Johnson released us into divine hope, faith, and joy in our prayer life. Beni teaches us how to take authority in our lives and in our land.
Through partnering with God we learn to to create something from nothing through prayers.

Bill Johnson Speaks tonight in Session 2 at 7pm
Tomorrow: Leader’s and Pastor’s Session at 10am
Session 3 with Beni Johnson at 3pm
Session 4 with Bill Johnson at 7pm

All tickets are available at the Venue Box Office or Tom Lee and Urbtix outlets.

Event Photo (13/2 3pm) *NEW*

Pastor Bill & Beni Johnson (USA)

"I cannot afford to have a thought in my head about me that is not in His." Pastor Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson and his wife Brenda (Beni) Johnson are the Senior Pastors of Bethel Church in Redding, California. Their church and School of Supernatural Ministry draws students from all over the globe hungering for a "face to face" encounter with God. Pastor Bill Johnson is a fifth generation pastor and has written over 10 books, all of which challenges the Christian believer to bring Heaven to earth now.
Beni Johnson's book The Happy Intercessor takes believers into that place of intimate worship in the throne room of God, turning one into powerful prayer warriors living an offensive life of joy and power.

Books written by Bill and Beni Johnson:
Release the Power of Jesus By Bill Johnson
Amazed by the Power of God By Bill Johnson
The Center of the Universe By Bill Johnson
Dreaming With God By Bill Johnson
Face to Face with God By Bill Johnson
The Happy Intercessor By Beni Johnson
Here comes Heaven By Bill Johnson and Mike Seth
A Life of Miracles: A 180-day guide to prayer and miracles By Bill Johnson
A Life of Miracles: A 365-day guide to prayer and miracles By Bill Johnson
The Reformers Pledge By Bill Johnson
Spiritual Java By Bill Johnson and Beni Johnson
Strengthen Yourself in The Lord By Bill Johnson
The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind By Bill Johnson
The Supernatural Ways of Royalty By Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton
When Heaven Invades Earth By Bill Johnson

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Solemn Assembly
Praying for the Hostage Tragedy in the Philippines

Date: Saturday 28th August 2010
Time: 3 – 9pm
Venue: Chater Garden, Chater Road, Central

Event Photo *NEW*

Dear Prayer Partners,
In view of the tragedy from the hostage crisis in the Philippines, let us corporately pray for the following:

  1. We pray that our community will show love and support to those who have lost their loved ones. May God heal their deep wounds, hurts and pain. May God quicken the healing and bring complete recovery to those injured in the shoot-out.
  2. For our understandable anger, we pray against potential backlash and venting of our frustrations at the wrong targets – the other Filipinos who have done nothing wrong.
  3. Justice and truth to prevail and that the Philippines government will give the world a detailed explanation of what has happened.
  4. The Philippines government has to review whether they have been inefficient, lack of effectiveness in law enforcement, poor gun-control measures etc in order for this type of tragedy to be averted in the future.
  5. Recently there has been reported violence and killings in certain parts of the Philippines. We pray the government will do serious soul searching for it is their basic responsibility to protect the PRECIOUS LIVES of its citizens and its guests.

Richest Blessings to you all,
Linda Ma
Chairperson, Citywide Renewal

7th June 2010

Dear Prayer Partners,

We thank God for his mercy and faithfulness to the city of Hong Kong. The Royal Observatory forecasted that there would be thunderstorms and heavy rain, but on that day, the weather was cool witha bit of sunshine. Whilst I wasin the African stadium, a HK friend messaged me the video of the beginning of GDOP (HK) and when I heard the song together with the youth moving out in triumph, I was moved to tears.

We thank the worship team and the band for the vibrant and joyous worship at the beginning, thus ushering the presence of God to the Stadium. Heaven opened and eagles were flying! Hallelujah! We thank the choir and the band for their commitment to make the worship heavenly and excellent. There was great unity in worship as we blended traditional styles with contemporary, classical, hip-hop and rap. We thank the artists for coming together with a pure heart not to perform but to worship God. They are good role models to the next generation, and their great testimonies and prayers will also have great cultural impact to the city of HK.

We thank the youth. When the song ‘Holy One Of Israel’ was played, the youth marched forth to the altar in the form of a cross, representing Jesus, a sacrificial Lamb for all of us. Following the cross, there were youth carrying banners representing the 7 mountains. They represented God’s army marching forth victoriously and representing the next generation in the redemption of the land. We thank the youth who led thepassionate, zealous, desperate and bold prayers for all the 7 mountains. These prayers will move heaven to impact earth. These prayers also reflected the love, respect and honour to the older generation. We thank all the youth for their participation and passion for rising up to the call of God. We also thank the children for leading the whole stadium to decree and declare the Lord’s Prayer.

We thank the respected leaders in HK for leading the World Prayers, symbolizing the global unity among nations. We thank the MCs who did a fabulous job in facilitating the flow of the program and bringing the presence of the Lord to the Stadium throughout the event. The corporate cry for Jesus three times was awesome.

We thank the ushers for all their hard work and for maintaining a peaceful and an orderly environment for all of those who attended.

We thank the production team and volunteers for their care and support. All of us are very grateful to the production team for putting together such a great celebration program. I heard many positive comments about their creativity and excellence, and that is something we all cherish.

We thank all the staff in the Stadium for their dedication, co-operation and hard work for giving us such a beautiful venue.

Finally we thank all those prayer partners who might not have come to the stadium but have prayed for us continuously. May all of you be mightily blessed as well.

May God have all the Honour and Glory.

GDOP in South Africa

I just returned from Africa and it was awesome to see 200 nations and 200 million believers praying together on Pentecost. There was a 3 days Convention prior to GDOP (May 23rd) and all the programs were well-organized,uplifting, touching and transforming. There were different nations and tribes worshipping and praying together and there was a beautiful and a powerful reconciliation drama, highlighting God’s plan for the nations through the diversity of his people.

This convention has touched on a lot of human issues, such as poverty, injustice to the poor, drug addiction, corruption, prostitution, human trafficking etc.

I was asked to facilitate one section in the morning prayer: Re: Holiness. God gave a word to me that God is not only looking for a holy individual but a holy nation. (Exodus 19: 5-6). In order to be a holy nation, I was led to proclaim the redemption of the 7 mountains and also for all the 7 continents to be holy nations. On May 23rd, there was a live international broadcast on GodTV and I was asked to represent Asia. It was such a joy and thrill that international pastors and ministry leaders could share their hearts on what God is doing in the different nations. I mentioned that there has been a great awakening in Asia as we are seeing a lot of salvations and restorations in this part of the world. Finally a person from each continent was asked to say a few words of blessings in their native language on stage at the main GDOP event and I was asked to represent Asia.

The event in Africa ended in a blast and everyone was in such high spirits knowing God was in our midst. During those powerful prayers and worship, it seemed we had a glimpse of heaven!

In Africa , this prayer movement will continue but in a different format. They will not host this prayer event in the stadium but will mobilize the whole world to pray together through on-line network. Since HK follows the vision of Africa, this year is also the last year HK will host GDOP in a stadium.

May God has all the Glory!

Richest Blessings!

Linda Ma
Chairperson, Citywide Renewal


Prayer Mobilization for the City of Hong Kong

Please pray for the following wherever you are so that our prayers will be lifted up to the Lord at the same time on Saturday from 9am to 11am:

The Global Day of Prayer is a call for all the nations to rise up in prayers, to praise and to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. May we pray unceasingly for the 10 days, like in the book of Acts, for His Kingdom to come and his Will to be done on earth.

Let us all pray with expectancy that God will move BEFORE us, that great and mighty things will happen ON the day of Pentecost...

For this week's Prayer Mobilization theme, please click HERE for details.


Global Day of Prayer 2010

Dear Pastors/ Co-workers in Christ,

By the grace and mercy of God, HK is close to accomplishing the mandate based on the prayer initiative originated from Africa in 2005.

In July 2004, God captured the heart of a South African Christian businessman, Graham Power, with a vision based on 2 Chronicles 7:14 to have 6 years of prayer around the world from 2005 to 2010. By 2009, the miracle was in full blossom when the Global Day of Prayer (GDOP) miraculously expanded throughout the world drawing 220 countries to pray together. Hong Kong has been truly blessed for being a part of this Global Prayer Movement. Last year, Hong Kong was chosen to be the “anchor city” when Graham, his team and other prayer leaders around the world came to pray at the 3-hour-prayer-event held at the Hong Kong Stadium on 15th May 2009. That event was televised by GodTV and broadcasted around the world. Praise the Lord!


The THEMES of Global Day Of Prayer Hong Kong, 2005-2009


Prayed by the different sectors of the society


Healing and Restoration
Churches to be the centers of Healing and Restoration to bless all people


Word, Worship and Works leading to Transformation


Love, Light and Life
Empowering God’s Love across generations


Proclamation that HK will be a city on top of the hill
Prayed for the redemption of the 7 mountains namely Arts, Business, Church, Distribution & Media, Education, Family, Government

Global Day of Prayer 2010
There is an urgent call this year that we have to come back to the heart of the Father as He desires to dwell in us. May we come together to worship Him and to give Him praise for who He is, His Sovereignty, His love, His mercy and His faithfulness. We thank Him for loving us in spite of our sins and rebellion. Let us thank Him for what He has done in our lives. We pray that He will continue to rend the heavens to bless HK (Isaiah 64:1) and to shower His Fatherly blessings upon us. Let us walk in His Light to experience His Divine favour, miracles, wonders, healing and deliverance. May the knowledge of His Glory covers Hong Kong like the waters cover the sea. (Habakkuk 2:14)

Let us go through this journey together. The 2010 GDOP event consists of the following 3 parts:
1)   10 Days of constant prayers leading to Pentecost (13 – 23 May 2010)
2)   1 day of Prayer witnessed by the whole city (23 May 2010)
3)   90 days of Blessings (24 May to 21 August 2010)

We shall fill you in with more information in days to come.

 Richest Blessings to all of you,
 Linda Ma
Chairperson, Citywide Renewal

Flashing News for Global Day of Prayer 2010

Date: 23 May 2010, Pentecost Sunday
Time: 3pm
Venue: HK Stadium, Causeway Bay

10 Days of Constant Prayer is available for download now!

Please click HERE for details.


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