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Event Organized - Global Day of Prayer 2006 (4 June Pentecost Sun, HK Stadium)

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Good News!

Hallelujah! GDOP 2006 is just around the corner! Mr. Graham Powers, the visionary of GDOP, informed us that there is a huge momentum around the world and they are anticipating 200 million people praying together on June 4th Pentecost Sunday this year!

As for HK, all promotional materials have been sent to all 1500+ churches and organizations. We believe that all the churches are actively praying and promoting this event as we only have 4 weeks to go!

Let me share with you all the good news happening at this end:

1. Total capacity at the Stadium is 40,000, but over 30,000 tickets HAVE BEEN REQUESTED.

2. Two brothers, ages 8 and 10, offered their red-packet money to sponsor a couple of coaches to transport those in need to get to the stadium. This greatly touched the heart of a sister-in-Christ, who has now committed to sponsoring 100 COACHES to bring churches and individuals who needed to be transported to the Stadium. God's love is so great for He loves His church, the Body of Christ and the world.

3. Through this GDOP I believe that God is re-igniting the fire of revival in many hearts. He is also raising up new prayer intercessors to pray specifically for an event such as this.

4. Most if not all the churches have now been informed. Starting this week, the city will be informed through the following:
- Newspapers (9th May Sing Tao Daily, 12th May Ming Pao, 14th & 28th May Christian Times & Kingdom Revival Times, 16th May Metro Daily)
- Radio called "Music Passion" (Metro Radio FM104)

5. The distribution of tickets will be through participating churches and in 2 major Christian bookstores (Elim Christian Bookstores and Alliance Bookstores).

6. The churches of Macau and Singapore were greatly encouraged by the show of unity among Hong Kong churches at last year¡¦s GDOP. They are now enthusiastically promoting this event and are expecting great turn-out.


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the day. Thank you for the hour. This is the kairos moment in which You would like the whole world to join hands to pray together and welcome your Presence and Your Glory. Thank You, Lord, for Your Divine Favour for bringing this event to HK so many believers may pray and join hands together with the world in this season. This GDOP is not just an event, but it is a movement sent from Heaven. Lord. Help us believers to rise up to the occasion and help us to be united in prayer in all seasons. Connect our hearts to burn with a passion for Your glory in our land. Lord, we ask You to increase the revival fire within us. As we all pray that Your Kingdom come and Your Will be done on earth through revival and transformation of our cities and our nations. Lord. Extend Your grace to the Church and all prayer intercessors especially those who are praying and fasting for this event.

Lord, we give You all the Glory and Honour. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

Linda Ma
Global Day of Prayer Committees Chairperson



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